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Creative strategies for whole-person wellness 

*Consultations with an American Board of Lifestyle Medicine certified physician licensed to practice in KY and VA.


Take charge of your health.


Heal from chronic health conditions.


Feel better long-term.

Want to improve your wellness, but not sure where to start?

Living a healthier life can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re struggling with chronic health conditions. With all the “rules” and “plans,” it can feel like nothing works specifically for you.

Whether you’re looking to decrease stress, heal from illness, or develop a healthier relationship with food and your body, “expert” advice, whether from your own health care team, books and TV advice or late night Internet searches, can be rigid and paralyzing.

Photo credit: Wyn Morris

Photo credit: Wyn Morris

Let’s look at your lifestyle together.

Dr. Julia offers telemedicine consultations to help you create achievable, healthy habits that lead to long-term wellness.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

“Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to treating and reversing disease by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones.”

– American College of Lifestyle Medicine

6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine Include:


Eating NOURISHING FOOD or initiating a whole food plant friendly diet as means to reverse chronic disease.


Getting restorative SLEEP.

Eliminate Stress

Acquiring skills to manage your STRESS levels, such as yoga and mindfulness practices


Establishing relationships and social CONNECTIONS that support your wellness journey and happiness

Environmental Impacts

Looking at risky substances as well as internal and external ENVIRONMENTAL impacts on your well-being


Initiating an EXERCISE plan that satisfies your needs and interests 

Practical Solutions For You

We’ll develop a lifestyle framework that works for you. Our plans are:

Trauma Informed

Know that you have a safe, private place to explore your options, set goals, and feel deeply heard. We will refer you to the mental health professional of your choice should you need therapy.

Tailored To You

Follow a plan that’s based on how you want to live your life. We’ll make sure your strategy is informed by your style of living and is aligned with your deepest values.

Practical & Achievable

Change in ways that are realistic for you and your family. We’ll account for your culture, background, personality, and factors such as career and stage of life.

In-Depth & Grounded

What’s inside affects your external habits. We’ll look at what moves you and, with your permission, explore ways to change from the inside out, including yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

How It Works


Schedule a Lifestyle Medicine virtual housecall.

We’ll jump on a video call to review your relationship to food, your social connections, and sleep and exercise patterns. We’ll also discuss your current lifestyle choices, family culture, and wellness goals.


Work on a custom plan together.

We’ll create a customized strategy for how you can approach wellness, including a framework for connecting with your body and making choices that align with your values. We often work closely with your physician or APP to find the best solutions for your conditions.


Transform your wellness.

Dr. Julia will journey alongside you as your Lifestyle Medicine physician to help you achieve goals, change habits, and cultivate a lifestyle of wellness and mindfulness.

About Dr. Julia Huber

Dr. Julia Huber is a certified Diplomate with the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and has been an emergency physician since 1999, when she completed her residency in Emergency Medicine. She has also completed coaching certification with Coaches Training Institute and is a member of the International Coaches Federation. In addition, she is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor, with training in trauma-informed yoga. She is available to coach you in English, Spanish, and French.

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