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Coaching For Physicians in the Preretirement Years

Intelligent, creative strategies for physicians, by a physician


Reduce stress in your life.


Move from exhausted to energized.


Plan proactively for your future.

A physician’s burden is heavier than ever.

Doctors navigate an increasingly complex world, with rigid systems, tangled-up politics, and heavy workloads. Many middle-aged physicians have years of experience and a high level of clinical skill to offer but run into all types of obstacles. You may be:


Frustrated by the broken healthcare system


Spread thin caring for patients and family


Fed up with an unrealistic pace of life


Tired of the pressure to compromise your values


Prevented from really using your expertise


Suffering from burnout and moral injury–now intensified by the pandemic

Are you selling yourself short?

Physicians are no strangers to challenge. Chances are, you’ve been through a lot and can deal with more. But are you thriving?

It’s not about doing more.

Instead of using wellness tools as weapons, we use them as vehicles to get really clear about your values. We look at the systemic issues that lead to moral injury and name them. Then we discern how to make choices that reflect your values. We’ll also explore ways to enjoy your life right now.

We’ll explore a variety of options for a compelling future. You may want to develop strategies to advocate for yourself and deal with toxicity at your current workplace. You may want to pivot your career or design your retirement plan. Whatever your choice, we’ll help you create a path that is achievable and life-giving.

Future-proof your career and your well-being.

Dr. Julia helps you develop well-being strategies that work for you. We’ll identify ways to recharge, uncover your unique strengths, and develop a plan to jump off the hamster wheel and take charge of your life.


Reconnect to your values.


Free up space for you.


Restore internal and external wellness.


Design a fulfilling future.

What I Offer

Complimentary discovery call

25 minutes

Three month discount packages with option to renew

50 minute sessions twice monthly plus unlimited emails

Initial intake via confidential televideo

50 minutes

Follow up via confidential televideo

25 or 50 minutes

About Dr. Julia Huber

Dr. Julia has extensive experience as an emergency physician and understands the unique challenges that today’s doctors face. She now works as an advocate for physicians, helping them find more meaning and connection in their daily lives. Dr. Julia has certification in trauma-informed yoga.

“Coaching” has been emerging even before the pandemic through private training and certification programs that have provided virtual careers for many with tools that can be useful. Physician coaching, as provided by Dr. Julia, is a professional practice grounded in her experience with the demands and challenges of medical practice and experience navigating career change in medicine, offered with the skill set of an experienced physician. While such coaching does not include the diagnosis and treatment of disease, it can support clients’ health as well as professional journey. Physician coaching offers quality guidance and support by a trained colleague with experience meeting high standards of care and a familiarity with the demands of practice.

“Professional Coaching from Dr. Huber has been a lifesaver for me. I reached out to her at a pivotal point in my career, in the middle of a pandemic, where I was clearly showing signs of burnout. She helped me re-establish my foundation based on my core values, and that helped me climb out of burnout and she provided me with the life-changing tools to get what I want out of my career and work-life balance. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Huber did such a fabulous job of guiding me to make meaningful, sustainable changes in my life that have been impacting all aspects of my life for over a year!”

– Dr. A, Practicing Physician

Physician coaching is not medical in nature and nothing is offered or should be taken in sessions as the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Clients should not start or discontinue any treatment regimen or avoid any needed diagnostic workups as a result of coaching. Physician coaching does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Julia is licensed in Kentucky and Virginia and only practices medicine in those states.

If you are a physician who is suicidal, please call the physician suicide hotline number here: 1-888-409-0141. The National Suicide Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

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