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Sharing strategies for a healthy lifestyle


Dr. Julia is available to speak on wellness for your event. Format and topic can be customized for your unique needs.


Conference Talks




Dr. Huber teaches trauma-informed yoga and introduction to meditation classes on request either via televideo or in person at your conference or retreat.

Topics Include


It’s Not Just About the Food


Whole-Food Plant-Based Choices and Recommendations


How to Change Habits


What is Lifestyle Medicine?


Physician Well Being in the Pre Retirement Years


The Weaponization of Wellness


Healthy Habits for the Long-Haul


Your Personal Wellness Path: How to Get Started


Women’s Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine

About Dr. Julia Huber

Dr. Julia Huber is a certified Diplomate with the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and has been an emergency physician since 1999, when she completed her residency in Emergency Medicine. In addition, she is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor, with training in trauma-informed yoga.

Coursework is for educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for medical care. Participants should not start or discontinue any medication, avoid any needed medical workups or change treatment plans based on anything discussed in classes without consulting their physician or other appropriate healthcare professional.

“Professional Coaching from Dr. Huber has been a lifesaver for me. I reached out to her at a pivotal point in my career, in the middle of a pandemic, where I was clearly showing signs of burnout. She helped me re-establish my foundation based on my core values, and that helped me climb out of burnout and she provided me with the life-changing tools to get what I want out of my career and work-life balance. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Huber did such a fabulous job of guiding me to make meaningful, sustainable changes in my life that have been impacting all aspects of my life for over a year!”

– Dr. A, Practicing Physician

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